Make a Reusable Sprite Component in TouchDesigner

Make a Reusable Sprite Component in TouchDesigner

One of the great strengths of TouchDesigner is its custom component system, where you can make powerful, reusable items. This video goes through creating a 2D sprite with controls for changing its image and modifying its alpha live. It will be a 3D object, so we can move it around in XYZ, rotate it, use [...]

Using the EMIT Quartz Composer Library

Using the EMIT Quartz Composer Library

A screen capture of building a quick visualization using the custom Quartz Composer library EMIT from Rybotron. Music: Four Tet – Love Cry Download EMIT here

Playtime for Selkie and Momo

Playtime for Selkie and Momo

Selkie is the Aerialist who performs with The Glitch Mob. After the LA Show, we got together to play with some realtime projection + dancing stuff. I had only my phone (Samsung Droid Charge) to record with, hence the low-res image. The first video is an openFrameworks visual I’m working on, controlled here with the [...]

New Movie Loader in Quartz Composer for Snow Leopard

New Movie Loader in Quartz Composer for Snow Leopard

Exploring the awesome updates to the Movie Loader patch in the new Quartz Composer for Snow Leopard

Structure in VJ Performance

Structure in VJ Performance

An exploration of Structure – 4 Layers for Visual Performance.

Cut Up Video using Lucifer and Ableton Live

Cut Up Video using Lucifer and Ableton Live

Make realtime AV Cutups the easy way – with Lucifer and Ableton Live

Quartz Composer: 3D Cubes and Audio Input

Quartz Composer: 3D Cubes and Audio Input

A Beginner’s Tutorial on Lighting, Cubes and Audio Input to make an Interactive Toy in Quartz Composer.

AV Challenge 2: Part One, Making the Clips

AV Challenge 2: Part One, Making the Clips

Momo the Monster’s Method for AV Madness

Loop-R VJ Touchscreen System

Loop-R VJ Touchscreen System

Homemade Performance system from visual_basiq

Playsonic: AV Fun with a Game Controller

Playsonic: AV Fun with a Game Controller

From the 2007 Maker Faire – a project where Video Art meets Gaming and DJing

Retinal Rumble

Retinal Rumble

Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine – live Internet Video Battle at the 2007 Maker Faire.

AV Sequencing with Live + VDMX + Monome

AV Sequencing with Live + VDMX + Monome

A solution for hands-on live audiovisual performance

VJ Kung Fu Promo

VJ Kung Fu Promo

See the new VJKUNGFU.TV Promo!

Crossfader Triggering with the NuVJ

Crossfader Triggering with the NuVJ

Using the NuVJ for AudioVisual performance – a remix and demo.

NuVJ Crash Course

NuVJ Crash Course

The basics on the NuVJ – what the buttons do, what it’s like to mix with.

A VJ’s Pet – Lemur

A VJ’s Pet – Lemur

Introduction to the Lemur Multi-Touch Interface device. How to connect it up, some things you can do with it.

Build a Projector Mount that will Go Anywhere

Build a Projector Mount that will Go Anywhere

You can’t count on venues to have a proper place to put your projector. Build one of these and you can go anywhere.

Staring Into The Snow Preview

Staring Into The Snow Preview

Preview of an ambient abstract piece about losing yourself in the holiday season.

Maker Faire VJ Clips

Maker Faire VJ Clips

Free VJ-Ready Clips from the Maker Faire 2006

Play a Movie in Quartz Composer

Play a Movie in Quartz Composer

QC can look daunting at first – here’s how to get started.

How To Install Quartz Composer

How To Install Quartz Composer

Free video processing app from Apple – you may already have it!

Visit the VJ Kung Fu Channel on Vimeo to download the original, high-quality Quicktime.

Crossfader Triggering with the NuVJ

One of my favorite features of the NuVJ is the ability to play back AV clips, and to trigger them with the crossfader.

On the bottom of the NuVJ hardware, you find the ‘Fader Start’ button. Once this is switched on, you can trigger clips by moving the crossfader from one side to the other. This allows you to get your clips ready a second or two before you need them, and trigger them on the beat.

These clips were all compressed as Quicktime MOVs using the Motion JPEG-B codec at about 80% quality. The audio is Linear PCM. I recorded the output directly to an Archos AV700 (like a portable Tivo) and then synced it up with footage from my camera in Final Cut Pro.

38 Responses to “Crossfader Triggering with the NuVJ”

  1. cyberpatrolunit Says:


  2. diedwater Says:

    hi, after watching this, I was so amazed that I went a head and bought one for myself, and I just got it today, it seems pretty cool, but the mean reason that I bought this because of the audio play back.

    here s where the problem comes, I used the VJ Beatbox clips i downloaded here a while ago, and tried to mix them in nuvj, but it’s just not working out, while the audio plays smoothly, the video just isn’t working at all, chokes like crazy. I’m pretty sure it’s not my pc’s problem, since it has pretty much top of the line hardwares.

    how can you get your clips play back so nicely?

  3. Momo the Monster Says:

    Hm – I haven’t tried this on a PC yet, but I think the Arkaos programmers are mostly PC-based and things usually work better on Windows systems rather than worse.

    My first guess would be the speed of the hard drive which you are triggering these clips from. Is this an internal 5400rpm drive, by any chance? You want at least a 7200rpm drive, and ideally one that is separate from the drive you are using to run the NuVJ software. I’ll reboot my MacBook into PC mode tonight and see if I encounter the same problems.

  4. diedwater Says:

    all my clips are on a 10000rpm raptor, so I don’t think it’s the hard drive.

  5. Momo the Monster Says:

    Wow – fair enough. I’ll try it tonight, and ask my contact at Arkaos. Can you give me your basic specs so I can pass it along to them?

  6. diedwater Says:

    sure, I really appreciate the help ^__^

    Cpu: Core 2 duo 3.4ghz
    Ram: DDR2 800 2GB
    HDD: 75GB Raptor for OS, 2 150GBs for clips and music.
    Video Card: 8800GTS
    Sound Card: X-Fi

    mmm….is that good enough? let me know if you need anything else.

  7. diedwater Says:

    I’m really digging that lil demo u did there, the more i watch it the more i like it. I heard you v been going around apple stores demo nuvj, is that what you do at the demo?

    btw, would that be possible for you to make those apple commercial clips available for download? I donno about the copy right issues or whatever, I just thought they are fun lil nerdy clips, but if you can’t, it’s cool ^___^

  8. luxcollective Says:

    wow. what are the specs on the mac you are running that on?

  9. Momo the Monster Says:

    The machine used in the demo is a MacBook Pro Core Duo 2 GhZ with 2GB Ram, the clips are running from a 7200 RPM external drive.

  10. diedwater Says:

    hey momo, what do you use to transport nuvj? I was going to use my laptop bag, but I’m kinda afraid of braking the knobs…

  11. Momo the Monster Says:

    I use a large messenger bag that’s got extra depth for carrying records – in this I can put my laptop, NuVJ and my Griffin iCurve laptop stand. Pretty nice to have it all in one bag.

  12. diedwater Says:

    after tweak around with the video clips a lil more, i found that exactly same clip, without the audio can be triggered seemlessly, but as soon as I load up the one with audio, I get this 2-3 sec pause everytime I trigger that clip, like the audio would be going smoothly, but the video would be stuck for a lil while, then it will start to move with the audio in sync…

    maybe there s something wrong the the audio setting on my clips….have you tried it on the windows side yet?

    can you send me a movie clip that you can trigger smoothly on ur mac, and see if it will have the same problem on my pc?

    maybe it’s a glitch in on the pc version? O___o this is driving me crazy, I was going to do a VJ show case for my digital multimedia class….

    sorry to keep bother you about nuvj issues, but i have no one else to ask, there doesn’t seem to have much of a user base for nuvj yet….

    oh btw, I noticed that the nuvj controller only turns on when the nuvj software is running, but i heard that this controller is a midi controller, you know of anyway that i can use this as a midi controller for other softwares?

  13. nyprodj Says:

    In your professional opinion could this work for a mobile vj using music video on dvd? What do you think would be the best format to rip the dvds to for use on plasma, lcd and projection screens? Great videos, can’t wait for more!

  14. Momo the Monster Says:

    nyprodj – you would have to rip all the videos to Motion-JPEG. At the moment, one of the big downsides to playing music videos with the NuVJ is that there’s no cueing, and no Key Lock.

  15. rayman Says:

    I know its probably a no go but can my macbook with 1 gig of ram run the nuvj at all?



  16. Momo the Monster Says:

    Hey rayman – I have not tested it on a Macbook (don’t own one), but it ran fine on my iMac G5, and the specs on a macbook are quite a bit better than that so you should be good to go :)

  17. mbdgjm Says:

    Momo – i’m interested in using the NuVJ in the way that nyprodj described. Key Lock is not a huge thing for me since i tend to stay off the pitch shifter. the cueing situation is unfortunate but it can be worked around by editing clips to a permanent start point at the beginning of the music track.

    i do wonder, though, can NuVJ playback normal (but high quality) .mpeg clips as comfortably as it does .mjpeg clips? if so, this would help simplify the ripping process.

  18. rayman Says:

    Sounds great momo, I really appreciate your input and help! Only thing that bothers me is that you can’t do livetime mixing with it. Would be great to show the crowd dancing ect…and mix it up.

    Since this will be on a mac will the Arkanos software let you use quicktime vids instead of avi files?

    Thanks again!


  19. Momo the Monster Says:

    mbdgjm – While the NuVJ will certainly play back .MPG clips, triggering them with similar quickness, you may not get the same response with time-based manipulations like pitch bend and scratching, as MPEG formats do not have a full picture for every frame (ie they record the differences between frames, resulting in only a partial picture).

    Rayman – you can certainly use a live video camera with it! In fact, you can use multiple cameras at the same time if you have the right inputs.

    Yep – Quicktime files work great.

  20. rayman Says:


    Thanks for your great help thus far! I have one more question I swear =P…

    I will be DJing off of my macbook as well. I will be using iTunes and playlists ect…is there a way to make the laptop/projector make the NuVj video feed go onto the projector which is the secondary screen while I DJ the iTunes? I hope you understand what I a saying. I don’t want people to be able to see anything but the video I am mixing up on the projector. Maybe this is possible by extended desktop ect…

    Let me know what you think boss,



  21. teknophil1ac Says:

    diedwater – re. using the nuvj as a midi controller for other apps & the lights only turning on w/the nuvj software.. I came across the nuvj reference manual here:

    check out page two.

  22. Surfnaked Says:

    I’m thinking about getting this device. Just wondering how I could use this if I’m running serato scratch live as well. The total control looks a little more integrated and you can control everything from that controller including video.

  23. dr.xnlb Says:

    Even with the best laptop hardware, I’d consider adding a 2nd machine if you are going to be doing any heavy lifting on the audio side. I’ve run into this problem, and have started to bring out my intel mini along with my old powerbook to do A/V performances. Mostly because my powerbook chokes when trying to do both from it (granted its not a MBP, but its no slouch of a machine on its own either).

    iTunes maybe, but Serato Scratch, and the video response will probably take a nose dive.

  24. amoeba Says:

    hi amoeba here, love this product, but wondering ur set up for recording the screen action via ur archos, I have the 604 wifi version and would love to record some cuts/fades etc with audio, any tips?

    using a g5 twin duo ppc 6.5 gig ram

    heres my latest nuvj live demo from 3 performances in moscow april 07.

  25. intrepid fox Says:

    hey momo,
    enjoyed you video posts, and they helped convince me to buy a nuvj, so cheers mate.
    the only prob im having so far, and no doubt im being an idiot, but i cant input text into the text generator. obviously im failing to understand how the function works, but can you explain the process for me.
    Intrepid Fox, Melbourne Australia

  26. clancy Says:

    Hey there momo, i recently purchased the nuvj and have been having some issues with it.
    I got it all out of the box put the software onto my imac intel core duo and connected the nuvj hardware controller up.
    Everything seemed to be running sweet until i tryed to use one of the text generators in the sources pane.
    I pull one across and cant seem to use it at all, there is nothing that shows up an i cant input any text into the text field, this is the same problem i have with all the text gens in the sources pane.
    I also cant register my nuvj it keeps telling me that my software code is wrong even though i was able to install the software using the exact same code on my computer?
    I have tried contacting numark via there website an havent heard back from them an its been 6 days now.
    I also wanted to know what sort of computer u are using to run the nuvj with as i would like to hook up the dual monitoring so i can use it full screen on my projector and still be able to tweak everything on my computer but i dont think my computer has the capability to do that.
    Im not trying to have a winge just would like to get it all up an cracking as iv got some gigs to do and would like to use it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  27. Momo the Monster Says:

    Hey Clancy- there’s a known issue with the Text Generators and a certain Quicktime Update. Check out the Quicktime Fix on this page:
    (Under ‘Documents and Downloads’).

    I’m doing the demo on a MacBook Pro. Your iMac should be able to do dual-screen but you may need to use the screen-spanning hack available here:

    You’ll also need Apple’s special display adaptor – it will hook up to one of the ports on the back of your iMac and provide you with a composite/s-video out. If you want to do VGA-out then you can use the dongle supplied with your computer.

  28. clancy Says:

    Thanx for the link to get the text prob cleared up momo worked like a charm!!
    Still havent heard back from numark about the problem i have when trying to register my nuvj.
    An i checked out the dual screen link but it dosent say if it supports my video card?
    Mine is a : Chipset model – ATY,Radeonx1600
    : Type – Display
    : VRAM (total) – 128mb
    So thanx for all your help anyways keep up the good work!

  29. clancy Says:

    Hey there momo, another short question for you.
    Wanted to know the specs of your macbookpro that uv been running the nuvj with an if its soundcard already had the capability to do the dual screen thing?
    Any help would be appreciated

  30. DJRizzo Says:

    Momo wrote:
    “you would have to rip all the videos to Motion-JPEG. At the moment, one of the big downsides to playing music videos with the NuVJ is that there’s no cueing, and no Key Lock.”

    Can anyone recommend software with this kind of functionality? Any chance ArKaos might engineer that into a future version? Thx

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  34. Jason Says:

    Hi very interested in getting a NuVJ but i want to make sure it will work for me. I understand that you can use multiple live cameras at the same time. but what hardware would you recommend as i am new to the industry i am not sure what would be best.

    I have a Standard MacBook i have no cameras as of yet.


  35. momothemonster Says:

    Hey Jason – if you're looking to do multiple cameras, I'd recommend you step up to a more powerful VJing app like VDMX or GrandVJ. NuVJ is limited to 2-channel mixing, so you'd be hard-pressed to 'use multiple live cameras at the same time', if that's your bag.

  36. bluebyu Says:

    after looking at the video about triggering it was easy to understand how to do that!!!!!! thank u mo mo, one question how u do that with the beat is that from your music library

  37. A Dub Says:

    Momo ur the man! I'm getting one of these for sure! Where can I get more info on the MAC out to TV/Projector dongle? What hardware do I need for that?

    Keep Rockin'!

    A Dub

  38. Mark Short Says:

    Momo Great Site very informative. Can you save your live set out as a quicktime mov?

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